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Our function, in cooperation with the physician, is to assist patients who may qualify to enroll in one or more of the many patient assistance programs. These programs provide prescriptions free or nearly free to patients in need, regardless of age, if they meet the program sponsor’s criteria.

The majority of our applicants are living on retirement income, government assistance, and disability or are among the working low to middle-income individuals. Some of our clients have too much income to qualify for government prescription assistance, but not enough to purchase private prescription drug insurance coverage.

To be approved some of the primary program requirements are:

1 . The applicant has no insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs.

2. The applicant does not qualify for a government program which provides for prescription medication, e.g. Medicaid, Medicare Part D

3. The applicant’s income is at a level which causes financial hardship when the patient is required to purchase the medication at retail prices.

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Following are the steps in the application process.

A. Click here to fill out and submit your application to start the process.

B. Upon receipt we will immediately process your information and sent you correspondence which includes a letter to your doctor.

C. Read, sign and forward the doctor’s letter to your physician, and he or she will fill out the medical portion of the application and submit it to an appropriate program.

To be accepted into the program, the applicant’s income must fall within the limits established by his particular sponsor. The household income limit requirement varies with each program sponsor. Examples listed in the report outlining the sponsor’s criteria for approval and enrollment, relate that individuals with family incomes ranging from below the national poverty level up to $40,000.00 annually can qualify. Those applicants normally qualifying at the highest income limits are generally AIDS patients in need of very expensive drugs. Decisions concerning which medications are provided and which individuals are accepted into the programs are made by the various program sponsors.

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    • Andrea M, Outreach Worker, MA

      Thanks. This is such a blessing for so many.

    • Janice B., Pharmacist, St.Louis, MO

      Great program! Very easy for patients to use.
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