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The Medication Program – Helping Your Family Afford Medications.

Welcome to The Medication Program This organization was originally established by volunteers and social workers, committed to assisting individuals of all ages who are regularly required to take prescription medication but lack adequate resources to fill their prescriptions each month.

The Medication Program helps people to apply for enrollment in one or more of the many patient assistance prescription programs (PAPs) now available. This process is accomplished with the cooperation of the applicant’s physician. The majority of these patient assistance programs provide prescription medication free-of-charge to individuals in need, regardless of age, if they meet the sponsor’s criteria.

Some of the primary requirements for an applicant to be enrolled are:

1. The applicant does not have insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs.

2. The applicant’s income is at a level which causes a hardship when the patient is required to purchase the medication at retail.

3. The applicant does not qualify for a government or third party program which provides for prescription medication.

The objectives of The Medication Program are to:

1. Inform the potentially qualified applicant.

2. Simplify the application procedural problems.

3. Provide general guidance in the application process.

  • Free Medication Search

    Enter the name of your medication in the box below and click searchto see if it's available free of charge.

    • Andrea M, Outreach Worker, MA

      Thanks. This is such a blessing for so many.

    • Janice B., Pharmacist, St.Louis, MO

      Great program! Very easy for patients to use.
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